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ADHD Support Group – 6th March 2024

ADHD support group led by David Levy MBACP, an ADHD-specialist qualified counsellor. Looking for understanding, guidance, and connection in your ADHD journey? Join our online ADHD support group led by David Levy MBACP, a qualified counsellor who specialises in ADHD. Discover a safe space where you can share experiences, learn coping strategies, and connect with […]

Working with ADHD


Description Aimed at counsellors and trainees wishing to learn more about ADHD and working with neurodiversity, this day of training attempts to answer two questions – what is ADHD, really? And what’s it like to live it ADHD? Dictionary definitions of ADHD are easy to come by, but bare little relation to the lived experience. […]

£78.13 – £119.68